Mike Fuentes from Pierce The Veil's acceptance speech for winning Best Drummer. 

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All Time Low accepting their award for Song Of The Year at APMAs.

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Oli’s speech tonight. So much respect and love for this man


Oli’s speech tonight. So much respect and love for this man





Austin greets the Youtube and Tumblr audiences (x)

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hahaha this gifset has more notes than views the video has

Alex: I think my first kiss, uhm, went a little like this, I don't know, I guess my real first kiss was...

Jack: ...Was like 3 weeks ago, right?

Alex: yeah, with your mom

Jack: yeah

Rian: I was in 8th grade and my girlfriend at the time and I were like "slow dancing" to Slipknot (wait and bleed), it was a weird thing

Alex: How do you "slow dance" to Slipknot dude?

Rian: *laughs* Anyway, and it was after that, it was weird. Gummy, I'd say

Alex: Gummy? Didn't you have teeth?

Zack: Mine was in 8th grade at a park

Rian: Nice

Jack: Did you touch her tits bro?

Zack: Probably, I really don't remember

Alex: Did you get to second base bro?

Zack: I hope I did

Alex: High five dude! Second base

Jack: I didn't really use to kiss girls but in kindergarten I used to go behind the chalkboard and we showed each other our body parts

Rian: In kindergarten? That's a little weird

Alex: You're grossing me out bro. It was kindergarten dude

Jack: I know man but I was young too

Alex: You were in kindergarten until you were 14




So after an entire twitter campaign that got everyone all in a tissy, we have no new information.

BBC One: Guess what’s coming back? Sherlock! Yay!

The Sherlock fandom: yes, we know, we renewed its contract months ago.

BBC One: Oooo, but guess what? You’re getting a special!

The Sherlock…


does anyone else love that moment when you get home from a concert and you’re lying down to go to sleep and its just dead silent and you reflect on how amazing the show was and how you went from sensory overload to that quiet little moment that belongs to you and only you and you can remember the show perfectly and you’re so exhausted but so happy and you drift off in happy memories and you just feel right at home for once